Boss Up Your Life

A Girl’s Guide to Her Dream Career written by self-made multi-platinum singer/songwriter Mia Martina, and award-winning publisher and successful serial entrepreneur Ky-Lee Hanson, is a guide to finding your passion and turning it into a money-making machine.

Mia and Ky-Lee share their personal journeys of going from small-town girls to international stardom and multi-business tycoon to teach girls the importance of self-leadership and working as a collective on the path to success.

Our world needs a critical shift from competition to collaboration, and you are the driving force for that change. This book encourages you to stand up for yourself while having a soft spot for other women; to build a collaborative business and to share opportunities!

Focusing on tips for building a success mindset, Mia and Ky-Lee keep it real, and teach you how to turn your dream into reality; creating something from nothing to empowering everyone you meet. They share how to transform dreams into plans, goals into growth, wants into needs, and hope into action. A dream takes a team to become reality. Being a good boss is being a good leader. Self-leadership is the starting point toward powerful teamwork.

Mia and Ky-Lee want each girl to step into authentic girl power, get her money, get her success; live the Bosswoman life––controlling your journey while embracing creativity and kindness––all while being driven by a purpose to better the lives of every person you shine on. We stand for the sister-code, we rise together. Women need to get out of the “come save me” mentality––you are the one who will save you.

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